Rarity is not always reflected by price - sometimes the least expensive item can tell an invaluable tale. Frustration with the art market's diminishing connoisseurship, narrowing curiosity, neglect for sustainability and increasingly monotone emphasis on financial value led Sandy Rich to found Tregeagle in 2017 as a specialist dealership in historical, decorative and academic works of art, idiosyncratic objects and ethnographica.

Tregeagle's stock is drawn from a broad range of cultures and periods in a variety of media - the priority always being on the wealth of colourful interest, aside from pure monetary worth, which can be had from well-chosen works of art.

In a short space of time the business has gained a distinguished reputation as a source for genuine, remarkable and well researched objects. As well as celebrated private collections around the world, works of art have been acquired through Tregeagle by a number of museums, galleries and institutions including:

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, U.K.
Bodleian Library, Oxford, U.K.
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, U.K.
Château de Lunéville, Monument Historique, Lorraine, France
Fondation Custodia (Collection Frits Lugt), Paris, France
Friends of Quarry (Headington Quarry conservation group), Oxford, U.K.
Hertford College, Oxford, U.K.
Museo Internazionale del Presepe, Greccio, Italy 
Museum of Wimbledon, U.K.
National Lacrosse Hall of Fame & Museum, Maryland, U.S.A.
Oriel College, Oxford, U.K.
Summer Fields School Archives, Oxford, U.K.
The Newt in Somerset, Bruton, Somerset, U.K.
Tenterden & District Local History Museum, Kent, U.K.
University College, Oxford, U.K.
Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum, Worcestershire, U.K.

Alexander 'Sandy' Rich

Before graduating in Theology from Durham University, Sandy worked for a museum, an auction house and a Bond Street art gallery. He subsequently spent 25 years in art-market related financial services, working for some of the world's foremost art insurers, where many leading art dealers, private collectors and museums were among his clients. In 2011 Sandy won the BBC’s "Antiques Master" quiz series and began to contemplate dealing in art on his own account. Three years later he guest-curated “Peace Breaks Out! London & Paris in the Summer of 1814” at Sir John Soane’s Museum in London – an exhibition which marked the bicentenary of the end of the Napoleonic Wars and showcased items made to commemorate the premature peace celebrations which followed Napoleon’s first exile to Elba.

Sandy has a Diploma in Art History from the University of Oxford, from where he graduated With Distinction.

With in-house expertise and an unrivalled network of trusted contacts, developed over decades and drawn from throughout the artworld, the business can offer professional advice on all aspects of collecting including:

                Purchase and sale of works of art
                Sourcing items
                Historical research and provenance inquiry
                Independent valuations for insurance or probate
                Curatorial advice
                Conservation, display and lighting
                Insurance and security
                Storage, packing, transport and shipping
                Import and export
                Interior design and decoration
                Discreet transaction of auction bids
                Personal shopping and gift buying 
                Commissioning contemporary works of art and portraiture
                Tax & legal issues relating to cultural heritage and museum loans

Based in Oxfordshire, clients come from across Europe, America, the Middle and Far East and Australia.

                                      There's a house we can build
                                      Every room inside is filled
                                      With things from far away
                                      The special things I compile
                                      Each one there to make you smile
                                      On a rainy day
                                                                      "A Million Dreams" Pasek & Paul

Sandy Rich

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