A Beautiful Hand Made & Hand Painted Shakespeare Quotation Tray

A Beautiful Hand Made & Hand Painted Shakespeare Quotation Tray

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W: 39cm (15.4")L: 54cm (21.3")


A Beautiful Hand Made & Hand Painted Tray
decorated with a quotation from Shakespeare
Indistinctly signed
English, Mid 20th Century 
Measures:- 54 cm x 39 cm

A unique and extremely attractive tray. Green baize to the underside. Bronzed handles at either end. The central varnished wooden panel beneath glass, with painted polychrome decoration of flowers within a calligraphic border, with an unusual verse from Shakespeare's "King Henry IV Part 2":-

A foutre for the world and worldlings base!
I speak of Africa and golden joys.

The decoration indistinctly signed "M.N. Phelp." (?)

An absolutely stunning and highly practical, statement-piece tray. The Shakespearian quote, from Henry IV Part 2 (Act 5, Scene 3) is spoken by Pistol to Falstaff in a scene which takes place in a Gloucestershire orchard. This highly suitable verse effectively means, in modern parlance, "Screw the world and boring people - I want exotic places and beautiful things!"

Great condition, commensurate with age and materials.