A Good Antique Sycamore

A Good Antique Sycamore "Pope Joan" Card Game Carousel Counter Board

Code: 10600


H: 10cm (3.9")Di: 30.3cm (11.9")


A Good Antique "Pope Joan" Board Game Carousel   
English Sycamore Wood
Circa 1850

Measures:- 24 cm high x 32.5 cm wide

The wheel shaped board divided into eight segments, marked as the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Nine of Diamonds (the 'Pope' card), 'Game', 'Matrimony', and ‘Intrigue'. A lidded pot for counters to the middle. Raised on a revolving foot.

With origins as far back as the 16th-Century, "Pope Joan" is an English card game, derived from the French games of Matrimony and Comete. The game had a circular board for betting counters used during play. It was very popular during the Late Regency and Victorian eras. 

The board here is in sycamore with printed labels and hand coloured decorations and dates to around 1850. Although now rarely played these boards are very attractive and can be used as very useful and decorative dressing table organisers for jewellery and cufflinks etc.

Good characterful condition commensurate with age and usage. Slight warp to the upper section.