A Hand Engraved Strömbergshyttan Swedish Artglass Lead Crystal Vase

A Hand Engraved Strömbergshyttan Swedish Artglass Lead Crystal Vase

Code: 11007


H: 18cm (7.1")W: 11cm (4.3")D: 8cm (3.1")


A Strömbergshyttan Artglass Vase 
Lead crystal hand wheel engraved with fish
Signed 'Strömberg' etc to the base
Hovmantorp, Småland, Sweden
Circa 1950's

18 cm high x 11 cm wide x 8 cm deep

Heavy, thick-walled oval vase with indented corners in the signature blue-silver tinted, lead-crystal glass of the Strömbergshyttan Glassworks.  Hand wheel engraved with two fish and aquatic foliage. Engraved signature "Strömberg" to the base with code "B556 C250". 

The Lindfors Glassworks, which was founded in 1876, changed its name to Strömbergshyttan ('Strömberg's cabin') in 1933, following a take-over by the highly gifted designer Edvard Strömberg (1872-1946) (former head of the Orrefors Glassworks) and his wife Gerda (1879-1952). Edvard, who had trained as a chemical engineer, and his son Erik Edvardsson Strömberg (1904-1960) developed a process of producing very clear lead-crystal glass with a distinctive palish-blue tint, which became the signature characteristic of Strömbergshyttan glass. 

Gerda Strömberg and Erik's wife, the famous Asta Strömberg (1916–2011), designed many of the pieces, later along with Rune Strand (1924-2000) and Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997) but, although most Strömbergshyttan glass is signed and many pieces carry a production code, the designer is never noted. The Strömberg family sold the company to Orrefors in 1976 and it was closed in 1979.

Today, Strömbergshyttan pieces can be found in many museum collections, including the Swedish National Museum of Art & Design, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Good condition. Slight milkyness where it has held water. Absolutely miniscule nibble to the rim.