A Pair of Vintage ‘Baret Ware’ “Jockey” Waste Paper Bins

A Pair of Vintage ‘Baret Ware’ “Jockey” Waste Paper Bins

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H: 27.5cm (10.8")W: 22cm (8.7")D: 22cm (8.7")


A Pair of Vintage ‘Baret Ware’ “Jockey” Waste Paper Bins
Alternating pictures of jockeys in pink and yellow silks with gilt highlights on a black enamel background
Tin Plate, Lithographically Printed
'Baret Ware' (Barnsley Canister & Engineering Co Ltd)
Lancashire, England
Circa 1964

27.5 cm high x 22 cm deep x 22 cm wide

A pair of tapering octagonal waste paper bins by 'Baret Ware'. Alternating pictures of jockeys in pink and yellow silks holding lucky horseshoes. Both marked "Baret Ware / Jockey / Waste Paper Basket / Made in England" one to the inside bottom, one to the base. Pattern numbers ' ©️ Baret Ware 64/WB4 '

'Baret Ware' was a trademark of the Barnsley Canister and Engineering Co Ltd which had begun life in 1919 having taken over the site of a WW1 munitions factory (No 2 National Shell Factory on Sackville Street, Barnsley). The firm made high quality tin packaging and commemorative objects for a number of retailers and they were also sub-contracted to produce wares for other packaging firms (their biggest customer was the American packaging company 'Daher Ltd' (also known as The Tin Box Company of America)). Under the 'Baret Ware' brand the firm produced their own range of fancy goods, tin trays, placemats and household products. By the mid-1950's they were advertising in various U.S. trade journals:-

"English Metal Art Masterpieces by BARET WARE The finest examples of metal craftsmanship imported from England. Exquisite design of multi-colors in waste paper baskets, trays, plates and canisters."

In 1980 their major U.S. client switched suppliers to manufacturers in Hong Kong and China and by 1990 the Barnsley Canister Co had been forced to close. One of their last major contracts was to produce a range of pencil tins in the shape of mummy cases for the British Museum.

The Baret Ware 'Jockey' waste paper baskets from the 1960s are one of the firm's most sought after designs.