Antique English Silver Plated Ice Bucket

Antique English Silver Plated Ice Bucket

Code: 10692


H: 21.4cm (8.4")Di: 19cm (7.5")


An Antique English Silver Plated Ice Bucket 
John Bishop Chatterley & Sons Ltd
Circa 1910

Measures: 21.4 cm x 19 cm

Marked to the underside with a crescent mark with "JBC&S Ld" "EPNS" "Made In England" etc for "John Bishop Chatterley & Sons Ltd" of Albert Works, New Town Row and Pitsford Street, Birmingham and 87 Hatton Garden, London. (Active from the 1880's to the 1930's).

An English, silver plated ice bucket which is full of character. The plate is worn and pitted to the exterior and is worn through to the nickel to the interior. Slightly out of shape, the foot bashed and dented but, as one would hope after 110 years of usage, it tells a great story. It has clearly done a great deal of entering already, but has plenty more life left in it.