Art Deco Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker

Art Deco Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker

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H: 22.5cm (8.9")Di: 10cm (3.9")


A good quality, large size, Art Deco silver plated cocktail shaker
By Gaskell and Chambers of Birmingham
English, Circa 1930s
Height:22.5 cm 
Diameter: 10 cm (at the neck)

Marked "Gaskell & Chambers B'ham"  "EPNS" etc 

A classic Art Deco Era cocktail shaker of good size. Three pieces seperate to form the mixer, measure and strainer. A band of engine turning on the rim of the lid (to aid with grip). By a good maker - Gaskell and Chambers were a manufacturer of high quality barware to the professional drinks trade.

Very good condition. Minor age related wear and small dent to the foot (amazing considering its nearly 100 years old).

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