Faux Book “History of America” Backgammon & Chess Games Board

Faux Book “History of America” Backgammon & Chess Games Board

Code: 11216


H: 45.5cm (17.9")W: 52cm (20.5")


A Very Fine Early 20th Century Trompe-l'œil Faux Book Backgammon & Chess Board
Tooled leather-bound softwood with Bakelite counters
Circa 1930s

52 cm x 45.5 cm (when open)

A very attractive and impressively sized trompe-l'œil games box, incorporating leather chess and backgammon boards, designed to resemble a two-volume set of books entitled the 'History of America' 'Vol 1 & Vol 2'.

A very popular design, allowing a set to be placed neatly on a bookshelf. Would certainly have been retailed by a very "high end" shop.

This set includes Bakelite counters in red and green and also a good antique pair of leather dice shakers, each with their original bone dice. 

In excellent 'country house' condition. Some scuffing and scratching to the leather and knocks to the edges and corners - but nothing too significant. Characterful rather than catastrophic. A highly desirable set.

Suitable chess pieces can also be sought.