William Alexander (1767-1816) & William Byrne (1743-1805) Eton Chapel

William Alexander (1767-1816) & William Byrne (1743-1805) Eton Chapel

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H: 22.8cm (9")W: 26.4cm (10.4")


"The Chapel at Eton College Taken Within The First Quadrangle"
Drawn by William Alexander, F.S.A. (1767-1816)
Engraved by William Byrne, F.S.A. (1743-1805)  
Published by T. Cadell & W. Davies 
London, 1803  

21.8 cm x 26.4 cm
34.6 cm x 39.2 cm (framed)

A nice George III era print of Eton College Chapel. Taken from "Britannia Depicta; A Series Of Views (With brief Descriptions) Of The Most Interesting And Picturesque Objects In Great Britain:- Part III. p.558".

Both artist and printmaker were accomplished topographical draughtsmen and antiquarians. William Alexander was extremely well travelled and served as Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum from 1808-1816. William Byrne had worked with Thomas Hearne on the "Antiquities of Great Britain", which they jointly published in 1786.

Well presented. Neatly mounted, framed and glazed in an attractive modern Hogarth-style frame.