An Antique Dish or Coaster With an Image of Eton College

An Antique Dish or Coaster With an Image of Eton College

Code: 10835


Di: 13.5cm (5.3")


An Antique Dish or Coaster Decorated Transfer Print of Eton College
Transfer printed, white glazed pottery
Marked “Wagstaff, Eton”
English, Victorian 
Circa 1870

13.5 cm diameter

An interesting small white glazed pottery dish/coaster decorated with a transfer print of Eton College to the front, entitled "Eton College" beneath and marked "Wagstaff / Eton" to the underside.

Research indicates that this item was retailed by James Wagstaff (b.1813) (later of 7 Adelaide Square King's Road, Windsor) who ran a China and Glass shop in Eton High Street from the mid 1860's to mid 1870's. It is interesting to note that James Wagstaff was one of the names of those whose rate payments on his shop were questioned in the House of Commons with regards to possible corrupt practices in the "Trial of the New Windsor Election Petition" in 1874. It was reviewed as to whether the local Conservative Member of Parliament, Robert Richardson-Gardner, had been assisting various ratepayers in his constituency with payments of their rates in return for votes. It was confirmed that James Wagstaff was a Conservative voter, however the investigation discovered no impropriety had taken place and Richardson-Gardner was duly returned as the MP.