Antique print commemorating “Charles James Fox” (1749–1806)

Antique print commemorating “Charles James Fox” (1749–1806)

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H: 38.5cm (15.2")W: 31.6cm (12.4")


“Charles James Fox”
Stipple engraving of a bust by Joseph Nollekens (1737-1823)
Published by William Miller, Albemarle Street
London, June 1st 1808 
Framed and glazed 

38.5 cm x 31.6 cm (framed)

Lettered beneath the image with the name of the subject "CHARLES JAMES FOX" and with a verse by Anglo-Irish poet Richard Fitzpatrick (1748-1813):

"A Patriot's even course he steered
Mid Faction's wildest storms unmoved
By all who marked his course revered
By all who know his heart beloved"

Engraved by Evans after a drawing by Howard from the last bust by Nollekens in the possession of Lord Holland.

Published by William Miller, Albemarle Street, June 1st 1808 

The image depicts the celebrated bust of Fox by Joseph Nollekens (1737-1823), which was sculpted for Francis Russell, 5th Duke of Bedford in 1802. This bust, known as "The Woburn Portrait" was popular amongst Fox's friends and supporters in the whig party, many of whom had copies made. A version of the bust dated 1808 was acquired by the Prince Regent and remains in the Royal Collection (RCIN 35430).