George IV Playbill Shakespeare “Cymbeline” &

George IV Playbill Shakespeare “Cymbeline” & "Returned ‘Killed!’" etc

Code: 10958


H: 32cm (12.6")W: 21.3cm (8.4")


George IV playbill for a June 1828  revival of "Cymbeline"
along with "Returned "Killed!""

Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
Letterpress printed on thin wove papern
Printed by W Reynolds, 9 Denmark Court, Strand

32 cm x 21.3 cm

A scarce Georgian playbill for Thursday, June 12 1828 with cast lists etc for productions of a revival of Shakespeare's "Cymbeline"
along with the farce "Returned "Killed!""

The names of those performing include star of the Georgian stage Charles Kemble (1775–1854).