Leaf From Kelmscott Press “The Golden Legend” Design by William Morris

Leaf From Kelmscott Press “The Golden Legend” Design by William Morris

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H: 67cm (26.4")W: 53.5cm (21.1")


An Original Letterpress Single Proof Leaf of the Opening Page of the Kelmscott Press's “The Golden Legend”
Designed by William Morris
Published, Hammersmith 
London 1892

Framed and glazed in a late 19th Century oak 'arts and crafts' style frame

27.7 cm x 21.2 cm (Sheet)
67 cm x 53.5 cm (Framed) 

Original letterpress proof sheet of the opening page of text disbound and framed for display. A beautiful example of the Kelmscott Press's typography with William Morris's illuminated initial decorative capital letter and woodcut border design of twisting, entwined foliage.

"OF THADUENT OF OUR LORDE." [Of the Advent of Our Lord]. "The time of the advent or coming of our Lord in this world is hallowed in Holy Church the time of three weeks in betokening of three diverse comings. The first was when he came and appeared in human nature and flesh."

This text taken by William Morris directly from William Caxton's translation of Jacobus de Voragine's "The Golden Legend", first printed in 1483 and one of the first books to be printed in the English language.

For this publication, Morris designed illuminated capital letters, decorative borders and the typeface (which he named 'Golden'). Morris intended 'The Golden Legend' to be the first book published by the Kelmscott Press but, because of its length and problems with paper delivery, several shorter volumes were issued before it was completed. The official date of publication was 3 November 1892 and it was advertised for sale early in 1893.