Original C19th Photograph Oriel College Oxford Rugby Team 1894-95

Original C19th Photograph Oriel College Oxford Rugby Team 1894-95

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H: 44.5cm (17.5")W: 52cm (20.5")


"Oriel College Oxford Rugby Team 1894-95"
Antique Original Gelatin Silver Print, Mounted on Card
Framed & Glazed, Illuminated title etc with names beneath
Gillman & Co, Oxford 
Victorian, 1895

44.5 cm x 52 cm (framed)
Private Collection County Durham

A historic original antique photograph of the Oriel College Oxford Rugby Team of 1894-95 by Gillman & Co, Oxford. Mounted with an illuminated title "Oriel Coll. Rugby Team 1894-95" with college crest and with the names of the players listed in manuscript beneath.

The names listed include:

E.L.Caldecott (Lt.Col. Ernest Laurence Caldecott, D.S.O. (1874-1927));
H.F.Spender (Hugh Frederick Spender (1873-1930) (uncle of Stephen Spender));
E. Mackenzie-Murray (Edward Mackenzie-Murray-Buchanan (1874-1956));
W.H. Whitehead (William Hingeston Whitehead (1873-1958));
I.U. Parkin (Inglewood Urban Parkin (1875-1948));
E.T. Garnier (Edward Thomas Garnier (1876-1924));
B.D. Bannon (Bernard Douglas B(e)nnon (1874-1938));
E. Bramwell (Rev.Ernest Bramwell (b.1873);
P.C. West  (Rev.Percival Carey West (1873-1946));
J. Stormonth -Darling (James Stormonth-Darling, W.S. (1876-1956));
T.C. Robinson (Col. Thomas Chambers Robinson, D.S.O., T.D.));
L.H. Wilson (Untraced);
Not in Photo:
W.S. Cassels (Walter Seytoun Cassels (b.1873));
S.H.S. Haynes (Stanhope Henry Shekell Haynes (b.1873))

A scarce historical photograph giving the usual fascinating insight into student life at the end of the 19th Century. A number of the young men depicted went on to serve in WW1.