Regency Playbill for Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” &

Regency Playbill for Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” & "Aurora" etc

Code: 10956


H: 32.1cm (12.6")W: 19.1cm (7.5")


Regency playbill for an April 1817 revival of "Cymbeline"
along with "Aurora: or, 'The Flight of Zephyr'"
and "The Miller and his Men"

also the forthcoming production of "The Apostate"
Letterpress printed on laid paper,
With a fine 'Britannia' watermark 

32.1 cm x 19.1 cm

A scarce Regency playbill for Wednesday, April 30 1817 with cast lists etc for productions of a revival of Shakespeare's "Cymbeline"
along with the new ballet "Aurora: or, 'The Flight of Zephyr'" and Isaac Pocock's "The Miller and his Men".

Also lists forthcoming productions in preparation including "The Apostate".