Reginald John

Reginald John "Rex" Whistler (1905–1944)

Code: 10662


H: 16.1cm (6.3")W: 21.1cm (8.3")


First British St Valentine's Day Greetings Telegram
Designed by Reginald John "Rex" Whistler (1905–1944)
Issued by the G.P.O., 14 February 1935
Lithograph and letterpress
Printed by Fosh & Cross Ltd, London
16.1 cm x 21.1 cm

St. Valentine's Day greetings telegram designed by Rex Whistler, issued by the GPO 14 February 1936 and printed with colour lithography and letterpress by Fosh and Cross Limited, London. A rectangular fasces frame, surmounted by a neoclassical palm frond cartouche decorated with pendant garlands held up by winged putti at either side, also carrying envelopes all against a pale blue backround with stars. Ribbons with suspended fruit and vines and trophies with flaming torches, quivers and bows and arrows to either side. Unused & Unfolded.

Around 49,000 of these telegrams were sent out on the day of issue, however, as ephemeral items, they are now scarce, especially in this condition.

See V&A [E.3778-1983] and Postal Museum [POST 33/4879] for similar.

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Very good condition. Small, neat, closed and recoloured hole-punch top left. Old collector's annotation in blue pencil verso "Valentine, 1936".