Scarce Fragmentary Louis XIII Almanac by Alexandre Boudan (1600-1671)

Scarce Fragmentary Louis XIII Almanac by Alexandre Boudan (1600-1671)

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H: 16.8cm (6.6")W: 37.8cm (14.9")


Fragmentary Almanac for 1634
Published by Alexandre Boudan (1600-1671)
with calculations by Pierre Petit (1594–1677)
French, Louis XIII period
Engraving with letterpress, printed in black and red ink
on laid paper
Published 1634

16.8 cm x 37.8 cm (sheet of paper)

Lettered within the image "A Boudan excud. avec Privilege du Roy" and with the title "ALMANACH POVR L'AN DE GRACE MIL SIX CENS XXXIII." with the further text "Compose & diligemment calculé par MR. JEAN PETIT Parisien, Professeur és Sciences Astrologiques & Mathematiques." with observations and the fragmentary calendar months for January, April, July and October (IANVIER, AVRIL, IVILLET, OCTOBRE) with illustrations of the phases of the moon. The upper image a partial depiction of a carriage, outriders etc, to the right a personification of Europe ("L'EVROPE") and to the left Asia ("L'ASIE"). 

A rare survival of an ephemeral print which would almost certainly have been affixed to a wall in much the same way as a modern calendar. An illustration of how these prints were displayed can be seen in "Le Maistre d'escole" ("The School Master") by Abraham Bosse (published c.1635-38) where a similar image is displayed on the wall of the schoolroom.

No other identical intact or fragmentary almanac for this year has been traced, but the Bibliothèque nationale de France does hold a similar "Almanach" for 1634 published by Jean Messager (1572 c.-1649) with illustrations by  Abraham Bosse (1604-1676) [see FRBNF41501686]. The BndF does hold Boudan's "Almanach" for 1633 [see FRBNF41501652].