Stone from the Houses Of Parliament

Stone from the Houses Of Parliament

Code: 10086


H: 18.6cm (7.3")Di: 11cm (4.3")


Spill Vase Made From Stone & Lead from Bomb Damaged Houses of Parliament

Dolomitic limestone fitted with a cast lead “Tudor Rose” roundel with the words:
“This Stone Came From The Houses of Parliament”

English, circa 1941.
Dimensions: 18.6 cm high x 11 cm wide (approx) ("Tudor Rose" roundel approx 6 cm in diameter).
Weight: Approx. 3,400 grams (around 7.5 lbs).

This spill vase is fashioned from a large fragment of stone salvaged from the ruins of the House of Commons Chamber in May 1941.

On 10th/11th May 1941 (the last night of The Blitz) the Houses of Parliament in London sustained severe damage during German Luftwaffe air raids. The House of Commons Chamber was completely destroyed. Stonework and lead, which had melted from the roof, were salvaged from the ruins and these fragments were fashioned into items which were sold to commemorate the attack and to help pay for the rebuilding.