An Abstract Modernist Space Age Op Art Patrick Dupré Style Foil Print

An Abstract Modernist Space Age Op Art Patrick Dupré Style Foil Print

Code: 10606


H: 33cm (13")W: 33cm (13")


An Abstract Modernist Op Art Foil Print 
(Manner of Patrick Dupré (French, born 1945)) 
Original Mid-1970's Impressed Aluminium Foil Intaglio Print

Measures:- 33 cm x 33 cm (Image)) 
                  48.4 cm x 48.5 cm (Framed)

Bears a label with an edition code of "4.EA. 8727", "Small Modern Foils" and "Academy Arts" (Chicago, USA).

A very striking abstract geometric image, constructed from a collage of contrasting and alternating rhomboid and triangular shapes in aluminium foil. Each shape impressed/etched with network of concentric circlar grooves causing the light to reflect and refract.

The image presented on its original corrugated mount and within in its original metallic frame.The frame retains a label, verso, with a logo of two trees etc and confirming that it came from "Academy Arts" (an American distributor of modernist works in the 1970's). Academy Arts were based at 820 North Orleans St., Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

The work is similar to that of the French Kinetic and Op Art artist Patrick Dupré (b.1945). Dupré created his first work in 1964 whilst working for the Pechiney aluminum company in Paris. During the early 1970's Dupré perfected his technique of abstract intaglio printing on aluminium foil ("gravure sur papier d’aluminium"). His works, which have been referred to as “Op Art Spychédélique” or “Aluchromies”, were distributed in Europe by "éditions Lahumière" and also syndicated globally.

Very Good Condition. A small amount of scratching and scuffing to the frame. A very small amount of oxidation to the foil.