An antique Burmese red lacquerware 'khwet' (cup) of typical form

An antique Burmese red lacquerware 'khwet' (cup) of typical form

Code: 10928


H: 10.5cm (4.1")Di: 11cm (4.3")


A Burmese 'khwet' (cup) of typical form
Mandalay or Pagan (Burma/Myanmar)

Lacquered woven bamboo and horsehair 
Late 19th-Early 20th Century
Measures 10.5 cm high x 11 cm diameter (at the rim)

A fascinating and very decorative red lacquer 'khwet' (cup) of typical form. The technique of decoration involves various layers of coloured lacquer which are then engraved through. The method is known as 'yun' and the designs are etched using a metal stylus to scratch through the various coloured layers (sometimes as many as three or four different colours on the same  piece, as can be seen here). There are various bands of decoration with a central motif with various geometric cartouches, each containing a dancing figure.

For similar 'khwet' cups, but of more modern manufacture, see British Museum 1998,0723.123; 1996,0501.35; 1998,0723.149 etc

Good condition. Wear and loss to the rim, crack and loss towards the foot. Cracking and loss to the inside.