André-Pierre Schwab (1883-1969) “Les Commères” (“The Gossips”)

André-Pierre Schwab (1883-1969) “Les Commères” (“The Gossips”)

Code: 10872


H: 7.5cm (3")W: 5.7cm (2.2")


André-Pierre Schwab (French, 1883-1969)
"Les Commères" ("The Gossips")
A Miniature Bronze Relief Medalic Sculptural Plaque
Circa 1912

7.5 cm x 5.7 cm

118 g / 3.79 oz

Signed (upper right (indistinctly)) and titled (upper left (indistinctly)).

A sculpted miniature medalic portrait plaques by the French medalist André-Pierre Schwab. The plaques depicts two elderly women standing in conversation. The women wear specific Breton headdresses of a close fitting coif or coiffe, folded up with trailing ribbons behind. This shape was once specifically associated with the commune of Fouesnant in the Finistère département of Brittany, north-western France.

André-Pierre Schwab studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he was a pupil of Jules-Clément Chaplain (1839–1909), Frédéric-Charles de Vernon (1858-1912), Antonin Mercié (1845-1916) and Paul Auban (1869-1945). From 1905 he exhibited regularly at the Paris Salon and showed a pair of similar plaques at the Salon of 1910. Schwab was awarded a gold medal in 1926.

For a slightly enlarged version of this plaque see Petit Palais, musée des Beaux-arts de la Ville de Paris [OGAL343(1)].