Fan Shape Art Deco Marquetry Fishing Picture (poss Rowley Gallery)

Fan Shape Art Deco Marquetry Fishing Picture (poss Rowley Gallery)

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H: 52.3cm (20.6")W: 91cm (35.8")


A Large Art Deco Fan-Shaped Marquetry Picture Plaque Attributed to The Rowley Gallery
Various Burr-Wood Veneers
English Circa 1930

52.3 cm high x 91 cm wide

A stunning Art Deco Marquetry Picture. Very reminiscent of work produced for Stephen and Virginia Courtauld at Eltham Palace. Of large size, it is possible that this picture was conceived as an "overdoor" or "supraporte" decoration. The scene depicts a figure fishing from the bank of a stream, another figure fishes from a bridge at the centre of the image. The whole scene is fashioned from numerous fine burr-wood snd coloured veneers.

Various plaques of this pattern are known and it is possibly a design retailed by the Rowley Gallery on Kensington Church Street in London, who employed various artists to create pieces for them. By 1934, The Rowley Gallery employed at least 6 cabinet makers, 3 French polishers, 5 paint shop workers, various upholsterers and several seemstreses.

Excellent condition. A few minor abrasions. Hangs from a chain, verso.