Pair of fossil-rich marble oval platters

Pair of fossil-rich marble oval platters

Code: 10141


W: 23.7cm (9.3")L: 35.6cm (14")


A pair of fossil-rich marble oval platters 
Metamorphosed limestone with fossil inclusions
North Africa, Morocco
Each measures:  35.6 cm (14") long by 23.7cm (9.3") wide

A pair of very decorative platters fashioned from marble with fossil ammonite and belemnite inclusions. Although of recent manufacture the stone from which they are carved dates to around 360 million years old (Devonian period to the beginning of the Carboniferous). One platter is of a raw umber tone, the other of a slightly burnt umber hue. They appear to have been carved from the same piece of marble and are closely related to each other, with features which cross over their surfaces.