Peter Hone (b.1941) after François Joseph Bosio (1768-1845) “Sappho”

Peter Hone (b.1941) after François Joseph Bosio (1768-1845) “Sappho”

Code: 10962


H: 41.4cm (16.3")W: 32.3cm (12.7")


"Head of Sappho"
Peter Hone (b.1941)
after Baron François Joseph Bosio (1768-1845)
Signed & dated with casting details verso and "Bosio fc." on the neckline
Plaster of Paris Portrait relief wall plaque
Cast London 10th April 2013
after 19th Century Original 

41.4 cm high x 32.3 cm wide (oval)

A profile portrait, head and neck of a woman facing left, hair "à la Grecque" in a bandeau hairband. Signed and dated with casting details verso "P J Hone / 10th April 2013 AD / London" and on the neckline "Bosio fc." Two integral wire loops for suspension, moulded into the back of the plaster.

An imposing neoclassical oval portrait plaque of the 6th Century B.C. Ancient Greek poetess 'Sappho', after an impression of a 19th Century marble carving by François Joseph Bosio taken in 2013 by the famous modern master plaster-caster Peter Hone (b.1941).

The original carved marble relief plaque by François Joseph Bosio sold Lot 1, Christie's, London, 26 October 2016 "Interiors: The Peter Hone Collection" (Live Auction 12580) (made GBP 5,625 along with another roundel).