Peter Hone (b.1941) Neoclassical Wall Plaque After 18th Century Model

Peter Hone (b.1941) Neoclassical Wall Plaque After 18th Century Model

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H: 23cm (9.1")W: 25.2cm (9.9")D: 2cm (0.8")


"Neoclassical Family Bringing Offerings" ("The Sacrifice to Love") 
Peter Hone (b.1941) after William Hackwood (c.1757–1839)
Plaster of Paris relief wall plaque after a late 18th Century jasperware original produced by Wedgwood
Signed & dated with casting details verso
Cast London, 10th February 2003

23 cm high x 25.2 cm wide x 2 cm deep

A plaque depicting three figures in profile wearing Greek classical costume, beneath a tree. A woman to the left bears fruit and with a jug at her feet, a child to the centre plays a double flute and a bearded man kneels to the right presenting a basket of fruit. To the right hand side is a censer on a stand from which incense smoke is billowing. The whole painted in contrasting light-blue, leaving the raised relief elements in plain cream plaster to emulate Wedgwood jasperware. Two integral wire loops for suspension, moulded into the back of the plaster. Signed and dated verso "-P J Hone / 10th Feb 2003 AD / London-"

A very imposing neoclassical plaque, cast by the famous modern master plaster-caster Peter Hone (b.1941). This figure grouping is taken from the central portion of a plaque entitled "The Sacrifice to Love" attributed to William Hackwood (c.1757–1839) and originally produced by Josiah Wedgwood in about 1778, during the Wedgwood & Bentley period. The full relief shows various figures bringing offerings and sacrifices to a temple of Cupid (absent to the left). A partial original, just with this central section of the plaque, was in Hone's personal collection (see Lot 290, Lay's Auctioneers, Penzance, Cornwall "Peter Hone: The London Collection. Tranche II" 12th October 2023).