Richard BATTERHAM (1936-2021)

Richard BATTERHAM (1936-2021)

Code: 10675


H: 30.5cm (12")Di: 14cm (5.5")


Richard BATTERHAM (1936-2021) 
A Tall Stoneware Bottle Vase 
Contrasting ash glazes with trailing 
Faint painted mark to the base
Durweston, Dorset, England
Circa 1980
30.5 cm high x 14 cm diameter (waist)

Private Collection, Oxfordshire 

A very elegant, hand-thrown buff stoneware vase of shouldered form with a flared neck. Masterfully controlled glazes with ten glossy celadon lines to the sides, pooling towards the foot, contrasting with the green ash, matt glaze of the body and the greener, silky glazed neck with burnt brown shoulder and lip.

Perfect condition, with absolutely no damage or restoration. A fine, attractive craquelure to the glaze visible under magnification. Faint black paint potter's mark to the base, possibly with a glaze/firing number.