“A Trip To Brighton”, Set of Four Hand Coloured Antique Prints

“A Trip To Brighton”, Set of Four Hand Coloured Antique Prints

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H: 18cm (7.1")W: 71.5cm (28.1")


Charles Laurie 
after Sir John Dean Paul, Bt (1775-1852)
"A Trip To Brighton" (Complete Set of Four Panoramic Prints)
Hand-coloured engravings
First Published, 1824
Measure:- 28 cm x 71.5 cm (Framed)
               10.5 cm x 61 cm (Plate)

The panoramic scenes each lettered with the artist's details "Iohn Dean Paul Esqr. delt." and "Engraved by Charles Laurie." with title beneath, alongside plate number, dated 1824 below. Each with accompanying texts:
Plate 1. "'Oh! these extractions they are most pestilent to the hearing' Shakespeare" / "Remember its optional" "Love, Law & Phisic."
Plate 2. "'Alak I am afraid!' Macbeth" "Too many eggs in one basket" "My Lord no more of that, you mar all by this starting" "When it's done, then t'were well It were done quickly "
Plate 3. "Rusticus expectat" "'Down with the nose down with it flat' Timon of Athens" "Whiles I may scape I will preserve myself." "Both stile and gate horseway and footpath Poor Tom hath been scared out of his good wits"
Plate 4."'Transport and Security' Byron" "'And am I then a man to be beloved' Shakespeare" "As in presenti" "In latus omne patent" "Sunt quos curriculo"

Attractively toned and stained with age. Well presented in modern frames and mounts. Ideal format to be hung above doors, overmantles or similar space; or in a line along a corridor.