"Napoléon Le Grand", stipple engraved portrait of Emperor Napoleon I

Code: 10462


H: 62.4cm (24.6")W: 48cm (18.9")


"Napoléon Le Grand" (Portrait of Emperor Napoleon I of France)
Louis Charles Ruotte (1754-1806)
after Marie-Antoine Hervier (1783-after 1830)
Published by Paul André Basset (fl. 1785-1819)
Stipple Engraving, Circa 1805
62.4 cm x 48 cm (framed)

Stipple engraving of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821) bust length facing slightly to his left in uniform with medals upon his chest. Lettered beneath the image "Dessiné par Hervier Elève de David" "Déposé à la Bibliothèque Nationale" and " Gravé par L. C. Ruotte" with the title "Napoléon Le Grand / Empéror des Français et Roi d'Italie / Protecteur de la Confédération du Rhin / Et Médiateur de la Suisse" and with the publication details "à Paris, chez Basset Md d'Estampdes, a Rue St Jacques No 64."

As stated in the print the engraving was based on a portrait by the miniature painter Marie-Antoine Hervier (1783-after 1830), who was a pupil of Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825).

Supposedly issued for display in a mairie during the first empire. A scarce image of Napoleon with very few copies in institutional collections. See Royal Collection RCIN 617735 and BM 1850,0211.108. 

For a trimmed down version of this print without the full text see Christie's, New York, 17th July 2004, Lot 2090, "Napoleonica from the Collection of Dr . & Mrs. Philip Corso" (Live Auction 1527).