“South East View of Windsor Castle” after Paul Sandby R.A. (1731-1809)

“South East View of Windsor Castle” after Paul Sandby R.A. (1731-1809)

Code: 11029


H: 16.3cm (6.4")W: 22.1cm (8.7")


“South East View of Windsor Castle”
After Paul Sandby, R.A. (1731-1809)
Engraved by Michael Angelo Rooker, A.R.A. (1746-1801)
Published by G. Kearsly
London, 1776

16.3 cm x 22.1 cm (platemark)

Artists' details: "P. Sandby R.A. Pinxt." "M.A. Rooker sculp." Publication Line:  "Published according to Act of Parliament, by G. Kearsly, No.46 Fleet Street, July 1, 1776" (Numbered 22 top right of the image).

Plate 22 from "A collection of one hundred and fifty views in England, Scotland and Ireland" - There are actually only 42 known prints from the series, made after Paul Sandby between 1774 and 1778. mostly by Edward Rooker or his son or Michael Angelo Rooker and originally published by Kearsley. These were later issued by Boydell with an additional 108 plates (to make the 150 image total).

A scarce print. See British Museum 1904,0819.966.22 for similar. 

Framed and glazed.