“Tea It’s Cultivation And Preparation” Circa 1855

“Tea It’s Cultivation And Preparation” Circa 1855

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H: 28.8cm (11.3")W: 37cm (14.6")


Original framed 19th Century Victorian print
Thomas Brown (fl.1867-1887) after Joseph Lionel Williams (1815-1877).
Tinted steel engraving
From "A History of the Vegetable Kingdom" by Wlliiam Rhind, M.R.C.S. (fl.1833-1867)
Published Circa 1855

28.8 cm x 37 cm

An original Victorian print showing the various stages of tea production in Assam (northeast India) across nine various vignettes: from the preparation of the ground for new tea plant seeds, through to the completion of the process of drying the tea leaves. The scenes variously entitled:-

Preparing the Ground for Seed
Preparing the Ground and Sowing the Seed
Irrigating the Plants During Growth
Women Gathering First Crop of Leaves
Process in Manufacturing Small Twisted Tea
First Process of Drying the Leaves by Exposure to the Air
Collies Assam
New Station, Rosekandy, Coolie Lines Assam.
Completion of the Drying Progress in Shallow Heated Pans

Attractively presented in its original late 19th Century frame. Some frits and losses to the frame edges, as expected. Centre fold to the print, as originally published but generally in excellent condition, ready to hang.