“The Battle of The Alma” and “Battle of Inkermann”, 1854

“The Battle of The Alma” and “Battle of Inkermann”, 1854

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H: 38cm (15")W: 52.5cm (20.7")


"The Battle of The Alma Showing the decisive charge of the Highland Brigade, supported by the Guards and Fusiliers"
Lithograph by William Simpson (1823–1899)
and Day & Son, Lithographers to the Queen
Measures: 38 cm x 52.5 cm (Framed)

"Battle of Inkermann"
Lithograph by Thomas Packer (1824-1896)
Published by Stannard & Dixon
Measures: 36.5 cm x 51 cm (Framed)

Two contemporary images of Crimean War battles. Though by different artists and publishers and of very slightly different size, the pictures complement each other beautifully and have been uniformly presented. Both images retain their original Victorian mahogany frames and are still glazed with their original ripple glass.

NB The standard spelling of "Inkerman" now has one "n" (the print here uses the form "Inkermann" in the title).

In delightful "Country House" "Billiard Room" or "Smoking Room" condition. Attractively yellowed and faded. Ready to hang.