“Transplanting Jasmine Rice, Thailand”, Oil on Panel

“Transplanting Jasmine Rice, Thailand”, Oil on Panel

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H: 43.3cm (17")W: 35cm (13.8")


“Transplanting Jasmine Rice, Thailand”
Yvonne Esmée Kennedy (née Blessley) (1922-2009)
Oil on panel
Circa 1970's

43.3 cm high x 35.cm wide (image)

An attractive painting executed in a vigorous impasto technique, depicting a traditional Thai rice farmer transplanting jasmine rice seedlings from bundles of the young rice plants out into rice fields, with palm trees beyond. The worker in the picture is wearing a traditional "Thai farmer's hat" or "ngob".

Y Esmée Kennedy was an accomplished amateur painter whose works occasionally appear at auction. Her first husband, whom she married in 1947, was Derrick North-Lewis MBE (1914-2010), a Kenyan vet and livestock farmer. She later married Richard A. Kennedy, who worked for The Shell Company of Thailand.

Well framed with a stamp for the artist's suppliers Uthai & Son, Bangkok, Thailand verso and with an inscription of the the artist's details c/o "The Shell Co. P.O. Box 345" (the address of Shell Oil, Thailand).