A ‘Singerie’ “The Failed Escape” after Edmund Bristow (1787-1876)

A ‘Singerie’ “The Failed Escape” after Edmund Bristow (1787-1876)

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H: 20.2cm (8")W: 18cm (7.1")


“The Failed Escape”  
Singerie after Edmund Bristow (1787-1876)

Stipple engraving, printed in colours
English, Circa 1830's

In an attractively distressed 19th Century gilt frame

20.2 cm x 18 cm (Framed)

An interesting print which is almost certainly after one of Edmund Bristow's 'Singeries' (an image depicting monkeys imitating human behavior). The engraver and publisher are unidentified but an almost identical painting by Bristow entitled "The Failed Escape" is in the collection of the National Trust, at Anglesey Abbey.

The image shows a monkey having returned home to discover his partner in their kitchen with a suitor, who is heading for the window to make his getaway. However, before he can escape, he has been caught by the tail and is about to have this appendage chopped off by his angry rival!

Seemingly not in BM