Adam Elsheimer (1578-1610) by Simon Frisius (1570/75–1628/29)

Adam Elsheimer (1578-1610) by Simon Frisius (1570/75–1628/29)

Code: 10382


H: 21.1cm (8.3")W: 12.4cm (4.9")


Adam Elsheimer (1578-1610)
Engraved portrait by Simon Frisius (de Vries) (1570–75 – 1628/29),
Published by Hendrik Hondius I (1573-1650) 
Etching with engraving , 1610
On watermarked laid paper
Dimensions: 21.1 cm high x 12.4 cm wide

Lettered beneath the image: ADAMUS Elsheymer FRANCOFURTENSIS PICTOR. Romam urbem primis placuit tibi visere ab annis: Pictorum Roma est Artificumque Sc hola. Assiduo pingens lustras dum singula templis; Pictores inter nobile nomen erit.

Publisher's monogram "Hh" upper left (on the top spar of the easel) for Hendrik Hondius.

Portrait of the influential German artist Adam Elsheimer, who worked in Rome. Image taken from "Pictorum aliquot celebrium praecipue Germaniae inferioris Effigies" (Effigies of some celebrated painters, chiefly of Lower Germany) published in 1610. 

Good condition, some small losses at the margins, loss of corner bottom left.

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