After George Morland (1763-1804) “St James’s Park”

After George Morland (1763-1804) “St James’s Park”

Code: 11001


H: 57.8cm (22.8")W: 65.3cm (25.7")


After George Morland (1763-1804)
"St James's Park"
Early 20th Century photogravure 
after an original 1790 stipple engraving 

57.8 cm x 65.3 cm (Framed)

A very attractive print after George Morland's "St James's Park". Presented in a large and very fine antique Hogarth style frame. This is an very well presented chromolithograph and is almost indistinguishable from the 18th Century stipple. Much of the value of this print is in the frame.

Normally associated with "A Tea Garden" of which we do have an original 18th Century impression.