An Original Exhibition Poster for US Painter, John Kacere (1920-1999)

An Original Exhibition Poster for US Painter, John Kacere (1920-1999)

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H: 53.5cm (21.1")W: 83.5cm (32.9")


John Kacere (1920-1999) 
An Original Vintage Exhibition Poster
For a show at O.K.Harris, 383 West Broadway
New York, 1982
Framed and glazed 

53.5 cm x 83.5 cm (Framed)

Lettered "John Kacere / O.K.Harris May 1-22 1982 / 383 West Broadway New York N.Y. 10012 (212) 431-3600"

In small letters, beneath the image "John Kacere, 'Ileana-82', 1982, Oil/Canvas 48 x 72 Inches. / Printed in Sweden, Published by SPAB, Box 2011, 182 02 Danderyd Sweden"

The American artist John Kacere (1920-1999) was a pioneer of photorealist painting. His works, which have become increasingly sought after in recent years, were monumental in size and frequently depict the midriff and thighs of women, seen from the front or the rear and often scantily clad in underwear. Kacere's work was the inspiration behind the opening shot of Sofia Coppola's 2003 film "Lost in Translation".

In good condition, some light foxing/spotting to the poster. Well presented behind glass in an original 1980's deep red lacquer frame.