Antique French Caricature

Antique French Caricature "Le Troubadour Jouant de Six Instruments"

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H: 22.6cm (8.9")W: 26.8cm (10.6")


"Le Troubadour Jouant De Six Instruments" (The Troubadour Playing Six Instruments)
Georges Jacques Gatine (1773–1848)
after Louis Marie Lanté (1789-1871)
Etching With Original Hand-Colour
Published Paris
Circa 1814

22.6 cm high x 26.8 cm wide

Presented in an antique Hogarth style frame with watch-top hanger.

Plate No.86 from the "Le Bon Genre" series, etched by Georges Jacques Gatine (1773–1848) after Louis Marie Lanté (1789-1871) for Pierre de La Mésangère (1761–1831). Two young Parisian women with their respective foreign suitors - an Austrian grenadier officer in white and a soldier from a Scottish regiment in the British army wearing a kilt - have paused to listen to a "One Man Band". This 'troubadour' was a real life character who was referred to as "Monsieur Ut, La, Si". He performed around Paris and other portraits of him exist. Here he is depicted playing a lute, with bells on the feather 'hackle' in his hat, a set of panpipes to his lips, a drum on his back, a triangle at his knee, and a pair of symbols between his ankles. 

A rare print which dates to around the time of the first abdication of Napoleon and the 'Peace Paris' in 1814. At this time, following the restoration the monarchy under Louis XVIII, various foreign forces occupied the French capital as it opened-up to tourists for the first time since the Peace of Amiens in 1802/3.