Claud Lovat Fraser (1890–1921), Original Posters for J C Eno Ltd

Claud Lovat Fraser (1890–1921), Original Posters for J C Eno Ltd

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H: 76.2cm (30")W: 50.8cm (20")


Claud Lovat Fraser (1890–1921)
"Eno's 'Fruit Salt': The surest road to Health"
A pair of posters for J. C. Eno Ltd
Lithographs in colours
Printed by Curwen Press
Early 1920s
30 x 20 inch (76.2 x 50.8 cm)

Lettered within the image "Printed in England at the Curwen Press from the original design by Claud Lovat Fraser" and "Copyright J. C. Eno Ltd, London, S.E."

JC Eno Ltd (named after James Crossley Eno (1827/28–1915) commissioned publicity material from a number of acclaimed artists and graphic designers for their eponymously named and hugely celebrated pharmaceutical product "Eno's Fruit Salts", 

This wonderful and very scarce pair of posters with their images of fruit gatherers by Lovat Fraser date to around the early 1920s.

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