George Heywood Sumner (1853-1940) “‘School Room’, Winchester College”

George Heywood Sumner (1853-1940) “‘School Room’, Winchester College”

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H: 43.5cm (17.1")W: 36cm (14.2")


Heywood Sumner (George Heywood Maunoir Sumner) (1853-1940)
“The 'School Room' of Winchester College”

Published 1880

43.5 cm x 36 cm (Framed)

An original etching by Heywood Sumner of the old 'School Room' at Winchester College. Signed within the plate "Etched by Heywood Sumner" and dated "July 10, 1880" / "Copyright Registered".

The print shows a number of Wykehamists wearing gowns within the room. Various old-fashioned trunks/desks (known as 'toys' in Winchester dialect) can be seen. The room has ornate cornicing etc and a tablet can be seen on the west wall with the famous Latin inscription 'Aut disce, Aut discede, Manet sors tertia caedi' (Either learn, Or leave, Flogging remains a third alternative). A pair of distinctive gasoliers are suspended from the ceiling.

George Heywood Maunoir Sumner (1853–1940), generally known as Heywood Sumner, was educated at Eton and Christ Church Oxford. His grandfather had been Bishop of Winchester and his father was Bishop of Guildford. He became an associate of William Morris in the 1880s and 90s and was a founding member and important figure within the 'Arts and Crafts' movement. In 1883 he married Agnes Benson, the sister of the Arts & Crafts Designer W.A.S. Benson (1854–1924) (who he had been at Oxford with and with whom he shared lodgings after they left university (and who, interestingly, was an Old Wykehamist)).

Sumner was accomplished in a number of artforms and was a member of the Art Workers’ Guild and the Century Guild. As an antiquarian and amateur archaeologist he recorded and made images of a number of famous Hampshire sites.

Scarce. Not in BM but for an identical print see V&A Museum E.297-2006

In good condition, excellent broad margins. Some discolouration and marking, would benefit from a thorough clean.