Henry Alken (1785-1851) & Sir John Dean Paul (1775-1852), Etching 1822

Henry Alken (1785-1851) & Sir John Dean Paul (1775-1852), Etching 1822

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H: 29.5cm (11.6")W: 64.5cm (25.4")


Henry Alken (1785-1851) 
& Sir John Dean Paul, Bt (1775-1852)
The first three panorama vignette scenes from "A hunting trip to Melton Mowbray"
Etching with aquatint, original hand-colouring
Published by S. & J. Fuller, 1822
Measures:- 29.5 cm x 64.5 cm (Framed)

The late Philip Astley-Jones (1947-2021), Oxfordshire 

The panoramic scenes each lettered with their titles beneath:
1. 'Solvitur acris h[i]vernis - it thaws, we must be off to Melton'
2. 'Go! I fancy he can! Milton loquitur upon my soul a lie ! Shakespeare'
3. 'Doing a bit of City'

Attractively toned and presented in an excellent vintage Hogarth frame. Ideal format to be hung above a door, overmantle or similar space.

See Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge "34.13-226"; British Museum "1906,0419.157"; Yale Center For British Art  "Folio B 2011 26 Copy 2" etc.