King Charles I (1600-1649) “The Right High and Most Mightie Monarch”

King Charles I (1600-1649) “The Right High and Most Mightie Monarch”

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WILLIAM FAITHORNE. | Portrait of Charles I. Title on original] The Right High and most Mightie Monarch Charles | by the grace of God Kinge of England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the Faith, &c. I Are to be sould by Robert Peake at his shopp neere Holborne Conduitt. 

Nearly H. L.: slightly to r.; in armour, with George. In frame. Reproduction of line engr.: 8% x 7; with border, 9% (including title, UH) x 7%.
In Reproductions of Prints in the British Museum, New Series, Part IX (19(J<&). 

This engraving seems to be from the same painting as that which follows. Sir Robert Peake (c. 1592-1667) was the son of Robert Peake, a painter to James I, and became an engraver and a print-seller "on Snow Hill near Holborn Conduit". On the out-break of the civil war he joined the royalists, served with distinction, and was knighted in 1645. He was taken prisoner the same year, and banished under the Protector. William Faithorne (1616-1691) was a pupil of Peake, under whom he worked for three or four years before he accompanied him into the royalist army. Taken prisoner with Peake, he was exiled to France, where he studied under Robert Nanteuil.
About 1650 he returned to England: his plates thereafter are of the highest excellence that English line engraving had yet attained. He also worked in crayons and oils.

The original print is suite with various similarly engraved images of the Stuart Royal Family including:-
"The most Illustrious and Right Exellent Princesse Henriett Maria"
"The most Mightie and Illustrious Prince Charles"
"The most Excellent and High Borne Princesse Mary Princesse of Orange"