Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) as Lord Protector, Mezzotint

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) as Lord Protector, Mezzotint

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H: 35.7cm (14.1")W: 25.5cm (10")


Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658)
Mezzotint Portrait by John Faber Jr. (c.1684-1756) after Sir Peter Lely (1618-1680)
Published by John Faber Jr., 1735
On laid paper

Dimensions: 357 mm x 255 mm (visible sheet)
                     420 mm x 320 mm (framed)

Mezzotint portrait within feigned architectural oval, sitter bust-length, shoulers front, facing slightly to his left, long hair, wearing a linen collar over cuirass armour breastplate. Lettered below the image with publication details "Petrus Lely pinx. 1653" and "J. Faber fecit 1735", the subject's name "OLIVAR" [sic] "Rp: Ang: Sco: et Hib: PROTECTOR. &c"  / "e Collectione Guilielmi Powlett Gen: " Bottom right beneath "Sold by J. Faber at ye Golden Head in Bloomsbury Square".

Cromwell served as Lord Protector from 1653–1658, during the Interregnum of the Commonwealth Period following the end English Civil War and the execution of Charles I in 1649. 

A well toned and attractively age-worn print. Presented in what is possibly its original 18th Century ebonized pearwood frame, with hand-blown rippled glass. 

Chaloner Smith: 96.I

See British Museum P,4.14 & 1902,1011.1325; National Gallery of Scotland SP II 23.30; Royal Collection RCIN 602226; Royal Museums Greenwich PAF3223 etc