Peter De Wint (1784-1849) (After) “View of Oxford From The West”

Peter De Wint (1784-1849) (After) “View of Oxford From The West”

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H: 28cm (11")W: 41cm (16.1")


“View of Oxford From The West” 
Peter De Wint (1784-1849) (After)
Engraved by William Radclyffe (1783–1855)
from the Oxford Almanac, 1852
Steel engraving, published by John Henry Parker (1806–1884)
Oxford, November 1851

28 cm x 41 cm (print)
51 cm x 64 cm (framed)

An attractive image of Oxford seen from the West near Old Botley with the Seacourt Stream in the foreground. This river formed the historic boundary between Berkshire and Oxfordshire until 1974 (and was, historically, the border between Mercia and Wessex). Although some of the views of Oxford from the West have been preserved, due to the actions of Oxford Preservation Trust, this particular aspect has now been entirely lost. The Botley Road (known as the Botley Turnpike Road in the 18th Century and Seven Bridges Road in the 19th Century) along which horse-drawn vehicles and livestock can be seen travelling here, is now one of the major thoroughfares and has been completely developed, almost along its entire length, by a network of streets on either side.

William Radclyffe (1783–1855) was an English engraver and painter. Radclyffe became well known for his landscape prints after David Cox, J. M. W. Turner and Peter De Wint. He illustrated numerous works of travel literature.

Peter De Wint (1784 -1849) was a major English landscape and architectural painter and one of the chief topographical watercolourists of the early 19th century. Eleven of De Wint's images of Oxford were used over the years to illustrate the Oxford Almanac which was one of the world’s oldest publications and existed as an annual calendar for 345 years from 1674 through to 2019 (when it was quietly discontinued). During its run numerous celebrated artists provided the illustrated 'header' of the publication including George Vertue, Michael Angelo Rooker, J.M.W.Turner, F.L.Griggs, Randolph Schwab, Sir Muirhead Bone, Gilbert Spenser, John Piper, Edward Bawden, David Gentleman, Sir Hugh Casson etc 

For similar see The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), Newfields, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA [80.825.113]

Trimmed within plate mark, missing calendar below image, customary horizontal fold mark, as typical for Oxford Almanac images. Slight crumpling along fold.