Queen Mary II of England (1662–1694), Mezzotint

Queen Mary II of England (1662–1694), Mezzotint

Code: 10667


H: 34.6cm (13.6")W: 25.5cm (10")


Queen Mary II of England (1662–1694)
Engraved by John Faber Jr (c.1684-1756), after Sir Anthony Van Dyck
34.6 cm x 25.5 cm (sheet of paper)
Published Circa 1745

Lettered with the title "Serenissima Maria D.G. Angl: Fran: et Hib: Regina." and with the artist's details beneath the image "G.Kneller  Bart. Pinxt." and "J Faber Fecit"

Portrait of Mary II as queen. Three quarter length with hair in ringlets, pearl necklace, baroque pearl earrings and hair adorned with pearls. Low gown, with pearls to the sleeves, jewelled bodice and ermine trimmed, velvet mantle. Standing, holding mantle in left hand and with right resting on the orb beside crown resting on a cushion on silk draped table to left. Draped curtain behind and a view through a window to the Banqueting House, Whitehall beyond.

Trimmed to the image on three side and to the text beneath, with the loss of the publication line.