Regency Hand-Coloured Print P & P Gally “The Affectionate Departure”

Regency Hand-Coloured Print P & P Gally “The Affectionate Departure”

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H: 20cm (7.9")W: 25.4cm (10")


"The Affectionate Departure"
Printed & Sold By P & P Gally
Etching with contemporary hand-colouring
Published, London
Circa 1820

Dimensions: 20 cm high x 25.4 cm wide (framed)

Private Collection Oxfordshire, U.K.

This print depicts a smartly dressed Regency gentleman, with a horse and hounds saying farewell to his wife who is embracing him, while his son brings him his hunting rifle, a smart country house with a stonework sphinx on a stairway and various trees in the background.

Paul and Peter Gally were working from c.1798-c.1861 at various addresses in London. They supplied looking glasses and picture frames as well as making thermometers and barometer, but they are now mostly known for their distinctive popular prints which would have been inexpensive at the time of their publication. "The Affectionate Departure" was probably conceived as a pendant to "The Happy Return" (see National Trust Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire [1329802 & 1329806]).

Presented in its original reeded, ebonised wood frame with a watch-top hanger. A charming inscription on the backboard reads "Fragile very old. Herbert's favourite picture, been in family many, many years"