Regency Popular Print by P & P Gally “Peace”

Regency Popular Print by P & P Gally “Peace”

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H: 18.4cm (7.2")W: 23.3cm (9.2")


Printed & Sold By P & P Gally

Etching with contemporary hand-colouring
Published, London
Circa 1815

18.4 cm high x 23.3 cm wide (framed)

Private Collection Oxfordshire, U.K.

A print depicting an allegory of 'Peace' riding upon a chariot pulled by two tigers, with large 'Prince of Wales' ostrich feather plumes behind her and a huge floral arrangement beside a lake with swans, within a landscape.

Paul and Peter Gally were working from c.1798-c.1861 at various addresses in London. They supplied looking glasses and picture frames as well as making thermometers and barometers, but they are now mostly known for their distinctive popular prints which would have been inexpensive at the time of their publication.

The print here probably dates to around the time of the Peace of Paris in 1814.

Presented behind ripple-glass in its original, much encrusted ebonised wood frame with a 'watch-top' hanger.

For similar see National Trust Collection, Snowshill Manor & Garden, Gloucestershire [NT 1329812]; Victoria & Albert Museum [E.532-1993]. Was possibly originally conceived as a pair to an identical print of "Peace" engraved in reverse (see Wellcome Collection [39062i]) or possibly to accompany a similar allegory of "Plenty".