Reginald John

Reginald John "Rex" Whistler (1905–1944)

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H: 29.3cm (11.5")W: 23.1cm (9.1")


Reginald John "Rex" Whistler (1905–1944)
"The Rothman's Diamond Jubilee Porfolio"
Six colour lithographs, loose within card covers
Title and logo thermolithographed in red to front
Details on paper affixed to the inside 
Published by Rothmans of Pall Mall
London, 1950

29.3 cm x 23.1 cm (each print)

Plates consist of:- 
1. "The Parcel Post, 1890"  
2. Fanny's First Cigarette
3. By Gad, Sir, It Works! 
4. Lights of London  
5. Victorian Vogue  
6. Matinée Idols.

In the early 1940’s the tobacco firm Rothmans of Pall Mall commissioned a series of drawings from Rex Whistler, of which these six were posthumously published to commemorate the firm's Diamond Jubilee in 1950.

Portfolio cover slightly marked and spotted. Increasingly hard to find complete sets in good condition.