Vanity Fair Print “G.P.” turf patron George Payne (1803–1878) by ‘Ape’

Vanity Fair Print “G.P.” turf patron George Payne (1803–1878) by ‘Ape’

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H: 44cm (17.3")W: 31cm (12.2")


"G P" (George Payne (1804–1878))
By 'Ape' (Carlo Pellegrini (1839 –1889))
Original Chromolithograph
Printed on wove paper
Published in "Vanity Fair" by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son Ltd
London, 1875

Framed and glazed

44 cm x 31 cm (framed)

A portrait of George Payne (1803–1878) the colourful patron of the Turf, racehorse breeder, owner and inveterate gambler. Payne, depicted here looking through his binoculars (presumably at some distant horserace), was described by the great racing chronicler "Thormanby" as "a true English gentleman, large-hearted, high-spirited, the pink of chivalry and the soul of honour – a man of a most lovable nature".

Lettered beneath the image "G P" and with the publication details "VANITY FAIR" top left; "Septr 18 1875" top right; "Vincent Brooks, Day & Son Lt.d Lith." lower left. Signed with Carlo Pellegrini's "Ape" signature (within the image). Annotated in a very neat copperplate manuscript hand with the identity of the subject lower left.

Originally appeared as "Vanity Fair " 'Men of the Day. No. 114'.