Willi Soukop, R.A. (1907-1995) “Reclining Nude Figure”, Circa 1930’s

Willi Soukop, R.A. (1907-1995) “Reclining Nude Figure”, Circa 1930’s

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H: 24.7cm (9.7")W: 36.5cm (14.4")


"Nude Figure Study"
Willi Soukop, R.A. (1907-1995)
Pen and ink, circa 1930s
Signed with initials "W.S." (lower left)
24.7 cm by 36.5 cm

An extremely accomplished drawing, demonstrating a wonderful economy of line.

Soukop was born in Vienna in 1907. His father was injured during WW1 and, subsequently, took his own life leaving his family in financial distress. Between 1928 and 1934 Soukop studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna. He left Austria in 1934 and came to England at the invitation of a patron. He based himself at Dartington Hall, Devon, as did a number of European exiles and he remained there after the Anschluss. He was interned for a while during WW2 but, after his release, became of Art Master at Blundell's School and then set up a the sculpture department at Bryanston School. He moved to Chelsea School of Art in 1947 where he remained teaching until 1972. One of his most accomplished pupils was Dame Elisabeth Frink, who was at Chelsea School of Art  between 1949-53. 

IIn 1969 he accepted the additional position of Master of Sculpture School at the Royal Academy Schools, where he remained until 1982. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1935. He was elected an A.R.A. in 1963 and a full R.A. 1969.