William Peters, R.A. (1741/42-1814),

William Peters, R.A. (1741/42-1814), "A Cremonese Lady", Mezzotint

Code: 10769


H: 33.3cm (13.1")W: 27.4cm (10.8")


After Rev Matthew William PETERS, R.A. (1741-1814)
"A Cremonese Lady"
Mezzotint by John Raphael Smith (1751–1812)
Published by John Boydell (1719-1804)
London, 1776

33.3 cm x 27.4 cm (Framed)

A depiction of a young lady in regional dress, wearing a fringed shawl draped over her shoulders, a necklace, and large hat decorated with flowers, within an oval. Lettered beneat the image with the title "A Cremonese Lady / In the Collection of John Taylor Esqr. / Painted by Wm. Peters. / Engraved by J.R. Smith / Published July 30th. 1776 by J. Boydell Engraver in Cheapside London". Neat ochre highlights added to the tasselled fringe and hat flowers.

Matthew William Peters painted a series of images of Italian beauties wearing regional costume. Here he depicts a lady from Cremona, in Italy’s Lombardy region, wearing a distinctive traditional regional costume of headdress and shawl. The mezzotints produced by John Raphael Smith after Peters' original paintings are all scarce.

The original owner of the painting by William Peters, and others from his series, was John Taylor (1745-1786), an immensely wealthy Jamaican born plantation owner who attended St John’s College, Oxford. Taylor went on a Grand Tour in 1770 and was a elected a member of the Society of Dilettanti and also made a Fellow of the Royal Society. His portrait appears in Johann Zoffany's masterpiece of the 1770's "The Tribuna of the Uffizi in Florence". He was created baronet of Lyssons Hall, Jamaica in 1778.

Currently in a circa 1980's frame and mount.

Illustrated p.8, described p.60, Lady Victoria Manners, "Matthew William Peters, R.A: His Life and Works", London, The Connoisseur, 1913

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